Who We Are

One stop entertainment service for weddings, jack and jills, parties, and much more

DJS Entertainment Group provides a start to finish wedding entertainment package. Throughout the past 10 years, they have taken the industry by storm. By providing all music, emcee, lighting, and video needs, DJS will make the process of planning your entertainment easy and fun.

What Our Clients are Saying

Kathleen Morris

Josh worked in a very timely and professional manner with my husband and I. It was obvious from the start that he has a lot of experience in Djing weddings. He was able to offer services which we never even thought about such as uplighting, custom projection, and backdrops which really added to the aesthetic of the room. The music was incredible and tastefully chosen.

Natalie Patton

We came across DJS Entertainment through a friends recommendation. Our friend had used them for their wedding and had nothing but good things to say. After meeting with Josh we quickly decided it was the right choice for us. His knowledge of music and lighting was amazing.

Miriam Sims

Josh and his team amazed us. They were able to supply everything we asked for from our music requests, to a custom projection on the dancefloor and photobooth. They truly do it all and do it well. I would highly recommend them to anybody looking for a one stop shop for wedding entertainment.

Jamie Malone

DJS Entertainment not only worked with us to meet a budget that we already had in mind, but gave us an incredible service at an unbeatable price. We couldn't believe how great Josh was to work with. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a wedding DJ. An absolute pleasure to work with.

Christina Harrington

Josh was the first and only DJ my husband and I met with for our wedding. We knew from the start that he was a great choice. He listened to all of our music recommendations and helped us make choices when we were having a difficult time. The lighting was beautiful and really came out great just as he promised us.

Allan Burrage

Josh was incredibly professional and provided all our needs for the wedding including amazing uplighting that really transformed the room giving it an elegant feel! He provides a great product at a price that can't be beaten. I would recommend him to anyone planing a wedding or any event!

Vicky Young

We were at a loss when it came to planning entertainment for our wedding. A quick call and conversation with Josh cleared up all our confusion. He made it feel simple and fun to plan every aspect of our entertainment from music to lighting to announcements. He did an amazing job making all of our guests happy and keep them on the dancefloor.

John Edwards

DJS Entertainment was great with us from the start. Their attention to detail is second to none and they took a lot of time to meet with us and make sure everything went perfect. Highly recommend

Kim Rees

JS.SC music met with us several times before we got married and double/triple checked that they had everything correct. Everything went perfect and we couldn't have asked for more. Still to this day people ask us for our Dj's name and compliment them. They are truly a fantastic company. Josh and Seth may be young but don't let that fool you, they are fantastic and run a VERY professional company.

Frank Matuzek

JS.SC music saved us at the last minute when our previous Dj backed out. These guys were professional, friendly, and know music like no one else. I would highly reccoment them to anyone looking for a wedding DJ.

Greg Hayes

Our band cancelled on us last second and DJS responded to our phone call immediately and got back to us right away that they were able to step in. We had used them once before and were pleased to have them back. Despite the last minute change in entertainment, people really enjoyed themselves. The music was fun, upbeat, and they kept everyone dancing.

Diana Glover

The music and lighting was amazing and very professional. Introductions and announcements were loud clear and not overdone. Would highly recommend.

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